Diplomatic Sales.

Diplomatic Sales by Mercedes-Benz CPH.

If you are a diplomat or have tax-free status at an international organisation, you can buy a premium car on our premium conditions for diplomats – and gain many benefits besides.

As a dedicated professional you face extraordinary challenges at international level. Qualities such as responsibility, integrity, and an assured manner are key to the way you live, every single day. Mercedes-Benz stands for the same qualities.We appreciate the job you do and would like to offer you an exclusive package of services through our Diplomatic Sales department at Mercedes-Benz CPH in Hørsholm.

Our purpose is to reflect the core brand values of Mercedes-Benz’ perfection, fascination and responsibility to give you the best experience. When doing business with Mercedes-Benz CPH you will get the best or nothing  – “Das Beste oder Nichts”, Gottlieb Daimler.

Diplomatic benefits.

Personal and professional counseling and assistance
Vehicle configuration to suit your individual requirements
Exclusive pricing for diplomats and international organizations
Attractive terms and conditions
Knowledge of insurance for the diplomatic vehicle
Registration support for diplomatic cars
Trading of old diplomatic cars
Vehicle manual in your  language
Professional service workshop

For further information, please contact our diplomat sales counselor:

Kristian Walther, Sales Consultant
Phone: +45 4516 5924
E-mail: kristian.walther@daimler.com

Claus Albæk, Sales Consultant
Phone: +45 4516 5921
E-mail: claus.albaek@daimler.com